How to Join

• Accepting our mission statement

• Submitting your signed declaration on conflict of interest to our e-mail address

The Central European Lawyers’ Initiative strives to create an atmosphere in which research can be conducted freely and without hindrance. However, members are expected to avoid conflicts of interest. It is therefore necessary that the activities of members be carried out independently of the performance of their obligations in respect of other legal relationships, such as employment, and without infringing those obligations. Furthermore, members are required to indicate in her/his publications, if she/he has accepted a grant from an external funder.

I, the undersigned ________________(name, date and place of birth), declare that I accept the mission statement of the Central European Lawyers’ Inititivate and my activities in the framework of it are independent of the performance of my obligations elsewhere. I declare that I will not participate in the preparation of any position paper that is related to the performance of my obligations under any other legal relationship. I further undertake to indicate in my publications, if I have accepted a grant from an external funder.

We offer the following opportunities for our members to achieve their own goals:

• The ability to connect with members of our growing network

• A platform where they can share their thoughts

• Participate in the organization of high-quality events and initiate them yourself

• Establishing local groups